CEOs, Directors and Trustees of not-for-profit organizations have a far greater responsibility than those of for-profit companies. Accounting and tax requirements for these organizations are unique in many respects. Typically, not-for-profits have obligations to members or funding agencies and in the case of public charities, to the public as a whole, which are monitored by the Attorney General of the State of California.

We Know Nonprofits

The Partners at Delucchi Hawn are dedicated to serving tax-exempt organizations by providing a customized mix of assurance, tax, and advisory services to help keep you in compliance and focused on your mission at hand. Tax-exempt status unfortunately does not mean exempt from complex tax rules, regulations and processes. Exempt organizations have unique tax needs that demand specific knowledge, attention to detail and solid advice. Over the years, our practice has delivered numerous hours of service to nonprofit organizations. And our people are committed not just to the clients we serve but also to a host of not-for-profit and community-oriented organizations, serving on various boards and committees.

The needs of many of our not-for-profit organizations are met by preparing financial statements in the form and format required for all not-for-profit entities. And, the preparation of necessary information tax returns to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board and, in many cases, with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of California and often with the Attorney General Offices of other states. Our extensive knowledge of these requirements enables us to effectively prepare all of these returns in a most efficient manner.

Let Delucchi Hawn partner with your organization to assist in achieving their goals.

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