Estate Planning is usually thought of as a discipline which focuses on the distribution of assets after death when, in reality, it is an ongoing process of determining how best to accumulate and preserve the results of a lifetime of hard work.

Asking the Right Questions

At Delucchi Hawn our Estate Planning services help our clients to answer such vital questions as:

  • What is the best way to preserve the value of all my hard work?
  • Do I have the financial resources necessary to enjoy retirement?
  • How can I ensure the comfort and peace of mind of my family?
  • How do I minimize estate and gift taxes?

Before making recommendations we first determine your goals, such as retirement lifestyle, providing for your heirs, potential charitable gifts, etc.

We also help you assess the net worth of your estate today, and, to project what it might become over time given the implementations of a thoughtful investment strategy.

Understanding your situation and your goals enables us to make suggestions based on many years’ of experience in successful estate planning. We can also help you organize the efforts of other professionals – such as attorneys, insurance agents and bank trust departments – a necessary concert for the successful implementation of your estate plan. This coordination ensures that the documents and programs put in place accurately express your personal philosophy.

Full Range of Services

Our Estate Planning Services available include the design of estates and trusts, long-range tax planning related to inheritance and substantial gifts, planning for charitable giving, filing of all related returns, retirement planning and financial planning.

Let Delucchi Hawn partner in creating your formula for success.

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