The management of nurturing and developing a rapid-growth company never ends. The pace of technology alone calls for unprecedented speed in everything from product innovation to decision making. But what is the value of speed without good judgment? The difference between one company’s long-term financial success and another’s modest performance often hinges – not just on the quality of the product or service – but also on the soundness and timeliness of critical business decisions.

Experience You Need

Because we have been advising entrepreneurs and business owners in Silicon Valley for over 40 years, we understand the issues you face, and we provide timely and useful advice and research to support effective management. The following business and advisory services are critical to your ultimate goal.

  • Business plans and financial projections, including cash flow
  • Up-to-date audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements
  • Accounting information systems implementation and customization, and the infrastructure staff to support those systems
  • Analysis of tax and financial implications of significant transactions, including customer, vendor and joint venture contracts
  • Review of corporate structure options and how they impact investor and shareholder income and tax consequences
  • Valuations of business for the purpose of pricing stock options and various investor related transactions.

We also assist our clients in assembling reports and information necessary to secure various types of funding. For companies who require the service of senior level financial management, we are able to operate as an outsource Chief Financial Officer or Controller during critical periods of growth and development of the company.

Let Delucchi Hawn partner in creating your formula for success.

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